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THE DOOR is an innovative escape room game with teleportation, story and puzzles. 

"As you go through a door you encounter a beautiful landscape . You meet a confused but friendly robot. It joins you and helps you solve puzzles that  that may lead you to the big exit in the sky.”

If you like atmospheric games with story, puzzles and more than one twist - THE DOOR is likely a game for you.

Planned launch for PC/Mac, mobile and consoles in 2021. 

Wishlist on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1360440/The_Door/


Upon discovering and going through a secret digital door, you find yourself trapped in an alternate world together with a slightly needy and flying robot. Guided by the robot, you must find your way home through a series of doors and puzzles leading to the legendary exit in the sky. But, something is amiss: The omnipresent structure floating in the sky seems aware of your presence. What is it's intention, what is it doing here? And where is the way out from here?

Looking for publishing and investment. 

Supported by the Danish Film Institute.

The builds here on Itch.io is currently a 20 minute demo of the initial gameplay and story, if you'd like to try it out and support our development :)


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Hi, Here's my coverage, i go pretty harsh in the final notes, don't take my toughts too personally :) Nice looking prototype, but i would say there's a lot more to do..


Thanks for taking your time! :)

Definitely an interesting game.

Remember that not all devices have (web)cams (my PC doesn't), so don't make it too dependend on that (I assume the frames that I shouldn't look at would have contained pictures from the webcam).

For my taste the robot was spelling out the solutions to the puzzles too fast, even with simple puzzles there will be one or two that a given player may need more time on.

But again, an interesting game that I'm looking forward to seeing more of.

thanks for the feedback, appreciated! We plan to work more on balancing the fededback and the webcam integration is something we are still considering🤔 

I would really like to play the game, but I think my device is unsupported. After the first few lines of dialogue, the game just crashes and goes back to my home screen. (Device is Oppo A9 2020)

Thanks for letting us know. We did not test on that specific device. Currently, for technical reasons, we only support Android devices supporting ARcore. (and sorry for the late reply, for some reason I did not get notification on your message :) 

really cool game

Cheers!, Glad you like :)

An interesting demo, with good puzzles, a nice built-up story-wise too so it makes you want to see more. I wasn't a fan of it using the webcam without user consent, that was creepy to say the least. 

After finishing the demo the webcam came on and just stayed on so that was.. troubling. Maybe it's always on while in the menu? 

thanks for playing, Cryptic - so cool to hear your reactions and thoughts on the game. It's really valueable for us in moving forward with this game :) 


About the webcam we promise you that no data was mined - What happens behind The Door stays behind The Door ;)

We are testing what level of "creepy" the webcam gives, and we know no other developers tried this type of implementation in a game before (to our knowledge). It may be a step to far in our effort to break "the 4th wall" and in the subject of personal information we are (also) dealing with in the game. It gives us room for thought on how the final implementation will be.  Thanks again!


It can be tough to break the 4th wall, I do remember a game making files in certain locations and having you look there to find a solution to an in-game puzzle. With the camera, maybe some play with filters could alleviate security concerns? Regardless, looking forward to seeing where the story goes. :)